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One of the major aspects when search engines choose where a web page will be positioned is keywords within the domain. So when you have researched keyword phrases for levels of competition and found a few phrases in which you think you may get good search results for you should then try to get the domain name for that term. Simple you may think however in truth it in all probability will not be available simply because someone has considered it and got it. One of the most annoying thing is they will probably never even use it to create a website. Instead they’ll just park the domain and fill it with Pay Per Click advertisements and maybe make a bit of easy cash.

When you go to choose a domain name which is not available then you could always look at one of the other top level domain names e.g. .net – .info – etc. Nowadays there always seems to be a brand new top level domain being introduced so maybe you can even pre-order it. Regrettably the more popular the search term results in the chance that all the top level domain names have been taken so lowering your goals my be worth considering. Yes this tends to ultimately result in less website visitors however it may also mean that the traffic you do acquire is often more targeted and much more likely to make money.
One way around this could be to try and put a dash (-) between words inside the domain and check if this is available. People tend not to like typing these to their url bar since they are fiddly however, if you gain high positions on search engine listings this would really not matter. Besides if they like your website and intend to come back they can always bookmark your site instead. One other way would be to mix the keywords or better still include another word related to the phrase. A good example may be if you were attempting to promote iPhones and you wanted the domain as an alternative you could try something like you will then have 2 targeted keyphrases within the domain, monthly iPhones and iPhones for sale.le.

Top Level Domain Naming

Say for instance you’re selling mobile phones in britain you may want to create a top level domain such as as opposed to a .com. Although this may lead to your potential audience becoming localised rather than globalised. Yes it’ll lead to less website traffic yet the traffic is targeted and also the bounce rate on your web-site will be considerably reduced. Besides it may stand an improved chance of gaining increased positions in which is where the traffic will come as that would be the typical Google search engine for that territory instead of Try finding a domain name for yourself.You’ll find more SEO articles much like this at SEO Forum Tips.

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